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There are BlackHat+Sherpa ntuples available for the following processes:

Process Pathname Energy Jet cut Reference(s) Comments
W+ + 1,2,3,4 jets Wp<n>j 7TeV 25GeV,, 7TeV
W+ + 1,2,3 jets Wp<n>j 8TeV 20GeV, 8TeV
W- + 1,2,3,4 jets Wm<n>j 7TeV 25GeV,, 7TeV
W- + 1,2,3 jets Wm<n>j 8TeV 20GeV, 8TeV
Z/gamma* + 1,2 jets Zee<n>j 7TeV 25GeV 7TeV
Z/gamma* + 3,4 jets Zee<n>j 7TeV 20GeV, 7TeV
Z/gamma* + 1,2,3 jets Zee<n>j 8TeV 20GeV 8TeV
2,3,4 jets PureQCD<n>j 7TeV,8TeV 40GeV 7TeV,8TeV


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